The Dilemma of a Ghost and Anowa – Ama Ata Aidoo

These two witty and perceptive social dramas are sympathetic and honest explorations of the conflicts between the individualism of westernised culture and the social traditions of Africa. Both plays have been performed throughout the world.

My Thoughts:
It has been a really long time since I read a play so it took me a while to get into these two plays and I did find them difficult to read but just because they are plays. Once I got into them I started really enjoying them.

Dilemma Of A Ghost
This play follows Ato when he returns to Ghana from studying in the US and he has already married without his families knowledge. His wife Eulalie struggles to fit in with Atos family because she is not used to his families traditional ways.

What I really liked was seeing the struggles between Eulalie and Atos mother Esi Ko, but when it all came down to it Esi Kom took Eulalie in under her wing and blamed Ato for not teaching Eulalie about their ways.

This play follows Anowa and Kofi Ako. Anowa marries Kofi Ako without her parents’ consent and breaks all the rules. She helps Kofi work and doesn’t like being told that she can’t do stuff.

As their marriage grows they grow apart they become very rich and own slaves, much to Anowas disgust. Anowa doesn’t see why they need slaves and why they can’t do the work themselves. Kofi Ako, however, wants to be rich and own slaves. He doesn’t see why they should do the work themselves.

I really felt for Anowa in this play, her voice isn’t being heard and she doesn’t want to follow the rules. She wants to make her own decisions.

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