Binti: The Night Masquarade – Nnedi Okorafor

The concluding part of the highly-acclaimed science fiction trilogy that began with Nnedi Okorafor’s Hugo- and Nebula Award-winning BINTI.

Binti has returned to her home planet, believing that the violence of the Meduse has been left behind. Unfortunately, although her people are peaceful on the whole, the same cannot be said for the Khoush, who fan the flames of their ancient rivalry with the Meduse.

Far from her village when the conflicts start, Binti hurries home, but anger and resentment has already claimed the lives of many close to her.

Once again it is up to Binti, and her intriguing new friend Mwinyi, to intervene–though the elders of her people do not entirely trust her motives–and try to prevent a war that could wipe out her people, once and for all.

Don’t miss this essential concluding volume in the Binti trilogy.

My Thoughts:
In the last instalment of this trilogy, we follow Binti as she rushes back to the Root after seeing a vision of her family dying after the Koush come and negate the treaty. However, Binti is in so much distress already she is still trying to control the power that has been unlocked. With her new friend Myinyi at her side, she must try to convince the elders that Okwu was not to blame for this attack.

I really enjoyed this last instalment, we get so much more information about Binti and her home. I really enjoyed that she had realistic emotions in the situations she was in. Ok yes, it did annoy me that she was crying a lot but it was realistic. I really enjoyed learning about Binti’s paternal grandmother and overcoming what she grew up believing.

Again I was a bit frustrated by how Okwu was referred to as both him and it, but there was a bit more of an explanation for why it is how the characters view Okwu and I appreciate that.

This book had a lot more detail than the others, and so much more happened, you can really see how Nnedi Okorafors writing in this trilogy has grown.

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