Butcher’s Crossing – John Williams

Will Andrews is no academic. He longs for wildness, freedom, hope and vigour. He leaves Harvard and sets out for the West to discover a new way of living.

In a small town called Butcher’s Crossing he meets a hunter with a story of a lost herd of buffalo in a remote Colorado valley, just waiting to be taken by a team of men brave and crazy enough to find them. Will makes up his mind to be one of those men, but the journey, the killing, harsh conditions and sheer hard luck will test his mind and body to their limits.

My Thoughts:
I like John Williams writing, I find it very calm.
I liked the descriptions in this book, I can see how people would find it boring but I find it quite engaging, but on the other hand, I do have to be in the right frame of mind to read his books.

I didn’t like in this book, how all the characters were so obsessed with finding and hunting buffalo, especially how excited Andrews was even though he had never been hunting before. I know that it’s historically accurate but the eagerness and the fever were a bit too much for me, especially when we got to the actual hunting part. That is really what lowered the rating for me, it was too much.

I found it really disgusting how many buffalo they did end up killing and just how pleased they were with themselves, especially Miller who, seemed to me, to have become obsessed with it. To me Schneider seemed to be the voice of reason, telling Miller to stop, that it was too many, but Miller just had zero interest in listening, and carried on with Andrews help.

I got the feeling that Andrews is just a bit of a wet blanket, he’ll just go along with whatever is happening and ask no questions or have an opinion for himself, which really annoyed me. I just didn’t connect with him at all.

I felt really bad for Charlie Hodge though, he seemed to really have been affected by their time away and could barely remember anything of the last year.

In the end, it was proved to be needless and senseless killings.
What was the meaning behind the book? Was it to not chase a hunch on a few good words? Or was there even meant to be a meaning behind it? I don’t know to be honest.

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