Rumaysa – Radiya Hafiza

This funny and empowering story weaves together three classic fairytales into one new adventure with an unusual structural twist: Rumaysa is a Muslim girl who lets her hijab down from a tall tower in order to escape. Set in a magical version of South Asia, Rumaysa explores enchanted forests and dragon lairs, teaming up with Cinderayla and Sleeping Sara along the way to create a strong sense of sisterhood.

My Thoughts:
In this book, we follow Rumaysa as she travels to different fairy tales, not just to save the princess but to also help them stand up for themselves.

I really liked this book, ok yes there were some [arts that could have been cleared up, e.g. how did Rumsaya know that Cordelia wasn’t her mother. But at the end of the day, I think it’s a children’s/middle grade book, so I do believe that some things don’t have to be cleared up. But that is my personal opinion.

I also really liked that it was a retelling of the classic fairy tales but with girls of colour and also not needing to be saved by the prince, they can save themselves.

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