The Curious Habits of Doctor Adams – Jane Robins

In July 1957, the press descended in droves on the south-coast town of Eastbourne. An inquest had just been opened into the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Mrs Bobbie Hullett. She died after months of apparent barbiturate abuse – the drugs prescribed to calm her nerves by her close friend and doctor, Dr John Bodkin Adams.

The inquest brought to the surface years of whispered suspicion that had swept through the tea rooms, shops and nursing homes of the town. The doctor’s alarming influence over the lives, deaths and finances of wealthy widows had not gone unnoticed – it was rumoured that the family doctor had been on a killing spree that spanned decades and involved 300 suspicious cases. Superintendent Hannam of Scotland Yard was called in to investigate.

My Thoughts:
So everyone who knows me knows that I am fascinated by true crime, but this case I had never heard of.

This is a really fascinating story of a doctor who was arrested for the murder of two of his patients but subsequently got let off. In my personal opinion, he is guilty of murdering the two patients he was charged for and guilty of multiple other murders.

I think Jane Robins has done a good investigation into this case despite it occurring between 1946 and 1956, so this is an old case but to me from the information that Robins has found it is clear that he is guilty. Maybe not for financial gains but I feel like he wanted to be a part of the higher class.

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