The Life I left Behind – Collette McBeth

Six years ago, Melody Pieterson was attacked and left for dead. Only a chance encounter with a dog walker saved her life. Melody’s neighbor and close friend David Alden was found guilty of the crime and imprisoned, and the attack and David’s betrayal of her friendship left Melody a different person. She no longer trusts her own judgment, she no longer trusts her friends. In fact, she no longer really has any friends. She’s built a life behind walls and gates and security codes; she’s cloistered herself away from the world almost entirely.

And then, soon after David is released from prison, Eve Elliot is murdered in an attack almost identical to Melody’s. With the start of a new police investigation, Melody is suddenly pulled from her ordered, secluded life and back into the messy world around her. But as she learns more about Eve’s murder, Melody starts to wonder if perhaps David hadn’t betrayed her after all…if perhaps the killer is someone else entirely, someone who’s still out there, preparing to strike again.

My Thoughts:
This book is scary and creepy!

David Alden has been released from prison 6 years after being charged for attacking Melody leaving her in a coma, then a woman’s body is found in the same place Melody was found. Eve’s body was left in the exact same way as Melody’s, thus David is in the eye of the storm again.

We follow this book from both Melody’s and Eve’s point of view. Melody is now a recluse after her attack, she can’t trust anyone not even herself. We hear Eve’s side of the story from beyond the grave, she is watching life go on and is describing what happened to her.

I really enjoyed watching Melody come back to herself after the attack and the release of the man she thought was responsible. But it was really difficult watching her fiance being so controlling and not at all interested in what was going through her head.

I really liked Eve as a character she was so nice and she was willing to take a risk in helping to prove that David was innocent of her future murder and Melody’s attack.

I was so convinced that I knew who was responsible but then boom the twist hits in the last few chapters. I liked that I was wrong about who it was.

I liked how the ending was very similar to the beginning, but the one thing I didn’t like was that there wasn’t any follow up with David. I would have really appreciated that and a bit of a follow up with Melody’s fiance, but that’s ok I still really enjoyed the book.

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