Miss Meteor – Tehlor Kay Mejia & Anna-Marie McLemore

There hasn’t been a winner of the Miss Meteor beauty pageant who looks like Lita Perez or Chicky Quintanilla in all its history. But that’s not the only reason Lita wants to enter the contest, or why her ex-best friend Chicky wants to help her. The road to becoming Miss Meteor isn’t about being perfect; it’s about sharing who you are with the world—and loving the parts of yourself no one else understands. So to pull off the unlikeliest underdog story in pageant history, Lita and Chicky are going to have to forget the past and imagine a future where girls like them are more than enough—they are everything.

Witty and heartfelt with characters that leap off the page, Miss Meteor is acclaimed authors Anna-Marie McLemore and Tehlor Kay Mejia’s first book together.

My Thoughts:
I really enjoyed this book, I thought it was so cute.

In this book, we follow Lita and Chicky who used to be the best of friends but drifted apart and they both miss each other an incredible about, but both have secrets they aren’t ready to share. Lita is turning back into stardust and Chicky is pansexual. Both girls are bullied by the popular kids at school and they have had enough.

It’s the fiftieth Miss Meteor beauty pageant and Lita wants to enter before she disappears, but she knows it’s impossible without Chicky’s help.

Both girls have to learn that they do have friends and that they do have people in their corners. I thought it was so beautiful to watch them realise that they are both wanted.

There were bits in the book that made me really uncomfortable because there was racism, fat-shaming, and homophobia, which no one should experience, let alone children. But it was part of the story and it’s what made both Lita and Chicky stronger and all the more powerful to stand up to their bullies.

Overall, I thought it was a really great book, and a book I wish had been out when I was growing up and their age.

2 thoughts on “Miss Meteor – Tehlor Kay Mejia & Anna-Marie McLemore”

  1. This sounds like a really cute book and I’m glad you enjoyed it. While there are those triggers, I’m sure it does deal with them in a way that provides education and important life lessons. It seems like something I would have really enjoyed while growing up as well!

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