Food Wars Vol 1 – Yuto Tsukuda

Soma Yukihira’s old man runs a small family restaurant in the less savory end of town. Aiming to one day surpass his father’s culinary prowess, Soma hones his skills day in and day out until one day, out of the blue, his father decides to enroll Soma in a classy culinary school! Can Soma really cut it in a place that prides itself on a 10% graduation rate? And can he convince the beautiful, domineering heiress to the school that he belongs there at all?!

My Thoughts:
In this manga we follow Soma Yukihira as he works in his family restaurant, however, one day his father comes home and says that he will be closing the restaurant for a couple of years while he travels and Soma will be attending an elite culinary school.

When Soma arrives he finds out that all the students there are from very wealthy families, whereas Soma comes from a fairly poor family and everyone is judging him. He needs to prove that he deserves his place at this school.

I really enjoyed this manga, and even though the artwork is in black and white the food looks soo good! It even includes a recipe that Soma used during his ‘audition’. I do find Soma a bit arrogant but I guess he needs to be confident to prove himself in the school.

I’m really looking forward to reading the next instalment.

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