The Accident – Linwood Barclay- Bookrush 8

Glen Barber isn’t the only person in the small town of Milford with things on his mind. The recession has been bad for his construction business, especially after a mysterious fire destroys one of his buildings. But everyone else in Milford seems to have problems too, as the financial pressures begin to pinch.

Glen’s troubles, however, are about to escalate to a whole new level. His wife Sheila has her own plans for getting them out of their financial jam, but these come to an abrupt halt when her car is found at the scene of a drunk-driving accident that took three lives. Not only is she dead, but it appears she was the cause of the accident.

Suddenly Glen has to deal with a potent mixture of emotions: grief at the loss of his wife, along with anger at her reckless behaviour that leaves their young daughter motherless. If only he could convince himself that Sheila wasn’t responsible for the tragedy – but as he looks deeper into the circumstances and begins to realise just how many secrets lurk behind Milford’s idyllic facade, he may have to face something much, much worse…

My Thoughts:
In this book we follow the protagonist Glen, as he comes to terms with the loss of his wife in unusal circumstances and as he starts to some to terms with it he realises that there is more to her death than he could have ever imagined.

This book has such a great concept, and some great twists in it but the thing that really put me off is the way Barclay describes women in such great detail even their breasts, but the description of men is just ‘he is tall’ ‘taller than me’ or ‘shorter than me’. It just seems like such an over description of women. To me it’s like, if you are going to describe someone to the T then describe everyone to a T.

Also Glen’s daughter Kelly who is 8, the author doesn’t seem to know how children talk. For example Kelly describes someone as a ‘slag’ that just seems like a word an 8 year old wouldn’t know. Or should be told off for knowing. But I’m not a parent so I don’t know. But to me it just seemed weird.

8 thoughts on “The Accident – Linwood Barclay- Bookrush 8”

  1. Interesting review, I do like a good mystery. I am also currently reading a mystery book where women seem over-described (although it is part of the story, it’s still a little misogynistic). I can’t really get into books like that but I would still give this one a try.

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  2. I have to agree the way in which women are described would massively put me off reading it, that said I do like the sound of the plot and how it expands x

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  3. You’ve written a really interesting review. I agree that as an 8 year old, a child shouldn’t know or use that sort of language. It sounds like some more thought could have gone into the writing of this book.

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