The Legendary Shiver – J.H MacAl – Review Request

Why is society obsessed with the rise and fall of celebrities?
Before Ruby became Shiver Magnata, she was just a tormented girl hoping superstardom would numb her pain.
Will, her best friend, has always been her rock. What she doesn’t know is he’s in love with her. And like Ruby, he craves success, but in hopes that it’ll make him worthy of her.
In New York, they journey through the treacherous music industry. As Ruby rises to fame, they find themselves surrounded by scandals and shady icons. And when she has to battle her demons under the spotlight, what began as a dream-come-true becomes a dangerous trial to their friendship that raises the questions: how far is one willing to go to protect a friend? What if such friend commits an act that can end up with her incarceration? Finally, how do you find the power to tell someone you feel undeserving of that you love her?

My Thoughts:
J.H MacAl requested me to review his book. And I was so glad I accepted.

This book follows the story of Ruby Magnatas’ rise to fame along side her best friend Will who is always there to support her.
Ruby had a hard childhood, but it was made easier once she met Will in their senior year of school. They became close as Ruby shared her dreams and Will accepted them and helped Ruby achieve them. They move to New York together and as Ruby becomes Shiver and her dreams are taking form, Will is right behind her doing his best to be his best self so that he can have a chance at being with her.

I was expecting this book to be a cut and dry YA romance, but I couldn’t be more wrong as there are twists and turns throughout that I was not expecting.
MacAl was able to make me both love and hate Ruby in the space of one page.

It took me a couple of chapters to get used to MacAl’s writing style but then I was in ful flow of it! The first couple of chapters are a quick description of what happens in the first couple of years of meeting each other, and it felt like those chapters were an introduction to their lives and it was leading to something much bigger. It had the same feeling as the introduction to the movie Up!

As the story progresses, Ruby starts to go off the rails until one evening something happens that might mean the end of her career and possibly her life. Will knows what happened but Ruby pushes everyone away to save them and herself.

I would definitely recommend this book because you never know what direction it’s going in.

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15 thoughts on “The Legendary Shiver – J.H MacAl – Review Request”

  1. I don’t know why people care about celebrates at all, especially when a celebrity telling people to vote and who for, actually has an effect.

    Sounds like an interesting book which takes a look at the celebrity and “normal” person relationship dynamics

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  2. Wow, another one of these novels where you have no idea where it’s headed. I love these sorts! Thanks for sharing, I’m adding it to my TBR pile as well, and if I ever read it, I will definitely return and let you know my thoughts. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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