12 thoughts on “What I would like to achieve in July”

  1. I love the idea of monthly target posts!
    My aim is to publish at least one article a week, hopefully with comments so I know someone has read them (I have no idea how to tell of my blog has followers) and to get my twitter followers up from hmm… less than 10 to over 50

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  2. I just followed your blog – I post every single day, with three days a week given to specialty topics: cult movie monday, wednesday bookmobile and what the friday…it helps me focus and stay determined…for me, instagram is fun but doesn’t drive anyone to the blog…pinterest does! I look forward to reading all sorts of posts by you – good luck with your goals!


    1. Wow! Is blogging your full-time job? I am so impressed that you blog every day! I do agree though that Instagram doesn’t drive too much traffic to my blog but I quite like posting book pictures and being creative with it.

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  3. I love reading posts like this – it always makes me feel inspired seeing what other people have set themselves as goals! Good luck reaching them, it sounds like you should have a good month ahead of you!

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