Slenderman – Willow Rose


Ever heard of Slender Man?

They say he is always there. They say he is always watching. A tall guy in a suit and tie, with no face, and arms like tentacles. Some say he is an online myth; others will go very far to prove he is real, so far that they might even kill for him.

Fanoe Island is busy with the mayoral election coming up when suddenly, the sitting mayor is found killed. Rumors tell that a faceless man dressed in a suit and tie did it.

In Emma Frost’s house that she inherited from her grandmother, a box of letters is found that tells a story from a long time ago. A terrifying story is revealing a painful chapter in the life of her own family half a century ago.

My Thoughts:

Everyone has heard about the legend of Slender Man. An immensley tall man dressed in a suit, no face and long tentacle arms. He prays on children and draws them away from their families, persuades them to commit terrible acts so that they can become his ‘proxies’ and work for him.

Well this book is not about that. Well it is a bit about that. Let me explain.

Three murders occur within a couple of weeks of each other two of the victims are brothers one is the Mayor of Fanoe Island in Denmark seemingly unconnnected.

We find out that teenagers are comminting the murders but only because they are being told to by ‘Slender Man’.

Across town Emma Frost is being harassed by some unknown person. They are ruining hers and her boyfriends careers as well has harrassing Emmas daughter Maya.

Meanwhile there are Mayoral elections going on and there is definitely something off about the new candidate Lisa Rasmussen.

I don’t want to give too much away but I am slightly disappointed with this story. I feel like it could have been a lot longer than its 340 pages. I read it on kindle and it definitely felt shorter than that.

I feel that too much was going on, there was the Emma Frost harrassment, the murders, and Lisa Rasmussen.

The muders and Frosts’ story line all got nice neatish endings (even if a little far fetched and too quick) but Rasmussens’ story line didn’t quite get finished off given what she does during the story and she gets away with apparently!

It’s not all bad though, it was an interesting story line and I did enjoy it but it’s just not my favourite.

I would reccomend this if you want a quick, short read.

You can buy it here.

6 thoughts on “Slenderman – Willow Rose”

      1. Yea it started with a photo editing competition and then just exploded into this man that would take children to be his ‘proxies’. And then those poor young girls who attacked their friend. It’s so sad

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