See Me – Nicholas Sparks

I started reading this book at the end of December 2018 and finished it within a couple of days! It was quick paced and kept me hooked, all I wanted was to know what happened and what was going to happen! I thoroughly enjoyed it however I do agree in some parts with the Decan Heralds review of some sections feeling like they were only included to bulk out the book.


Colin is a fighter, as a child he was in many fights and was expelled from various military schools until one day his parents couldn’t take it anymore and kicked him out, it took a long time but he has now finally gotten on to the straight and narrow.

Maria grew up in a loving and emotionally supportive family, her parents – Mexican natives, came to America to better their lives and built a family run restuarant. They have supported Maria through her law career and they have family brunch together every Sunday.

These two seemingly opposite people find love for each other depsite being from such different backgrounds.

My Thoughts:

Now, I’m going to be honest, I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to a good romance story which is why I have so many of Nicholas Sparks books! I do have to say, however, I found when I was reading about Colin’s daily workouts I skimming over the sections. I understand why these sections were included, it gives us more of an insight into Colin, but I found that I wasn’t completely interested. I did also take issue with some of Colin’s actions, however, I do understand that these actions are part of what makes Colin Colin.

Maria, however, I didn’t get bored with any of the sections about her. Her daily life was a bit more interesting, though I suppose that has something to do with the dynamic between her and her boss.

That being said I did enjoy the book a lot!

What frustrated me was that I figured out who was after Maria before any of the characters, my assumption when I first started the book was it would be a huge revalation and I would find out at the same time as the characters.

To get your own version have a look here.

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