The Summer Son – Craig Lancaster

The Summer Son  by Craig Lancaster is an extraordinary story of a man whos marriage and career are falling apart. One week he receives multiple phone calls from his estranged father. Each phone call consists of just a ‘Hi, how are things going?’ and last about 5 minutes each at most.

Mitch, after discussing the phone calls with his wife, goes to stay with his father who he hasn’t seen for years. Mitch discovers that his father is living squalor and isn’t taking care of himself.

Their, living together is tense. They argue and physically fight with each other until they finally make a break through and find out what caused their 30 year drift.

This is the story of how far family will go to keep their secrets but also how far they will go to protect each other from harm. Craig Lancaster truly grips the reader with twist after twist and pulls us all in.

I loved this book and after I finished it I felt like I had to stop and think for a while to gather my thoughts. I felt like part of my life had ended with the last page.

It is a stunning and thought provoking read! So click here if you want to have a read.

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