The Quantum Moment

If anyone here likes maths and/or physics this is the book you need to read. My boyfriend got me this book because he knew how much I would love reading it!

It goes into detail about questions like Schroedinger’s cat with easy explanations and humour. Written by two lecturers this book is a great way to learn or brush up on some of the most infamous quantum physics moments. 

Through the book we learn what quantum actually means when we use it in our day to day vocabulary and how the word has grown to mean more than what it was first used for. 

Not only do we learn about quantum we learn about uncertainty and what that means in our normal lives. How does uncertainty affect you and me everyday? 

Personally I love maths and physics so reading this book brought back everything that I love about them. In these two subjects there can only be one correct answer to the equations placed in front of you but what I admire most is the dedication of physicist and mathematicians to come up with these profound, life changing equations. 

Click here if you would like to read it.

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