The Passage – Justin Cronin

Oh my gosh! This book is absolutely amazing! When I was’t reading it I was thinking about it. There are so many twists and turns, that you can’t see where things are going.

It starts off in present day following two FBI agents who go around picking up men on death-row who have no connections or ties to anyone. The last person they are told to pick up is a 6 year old girl who is the center of the whole book. One of the FBI agents (Wolgast) has a special connection with the little girl – Amy. The agents are told to bring the little girl to their supervisor but Wolgast doesn’t like the idea so he tries to avoid capture but he eventually does.

The three of them end up in a facility where Amy is then hooked up to machines and is sick and not getting any better. Amy is not the only one who isn’t their full self. There are twelve others. Each of these are the men who were picked up by the agents. They have been tested on and now are barely human. Hanging from the ceiling, eating raw animals.

One day in the facility the power goes out and the twelve escape. Attacking and killing everyone who stands in their way.

80 years later, we are in a colony where the people are terrified of the dark and what they call ‘virals’. The book follows the story of a few people from ‘The Colony’ as they go in search of how to kill the viral. These people live day to day guarding their colony, unaware of the possibility of others who are still alive, if the army will ever come to save them.

One day a few of the colonists go on a routine excursion to the power station and on their way back everything that can go wrong does. The virals attack, someone gets taken and they come across Amy and the story unfolds.

As the book goes on we find how Amy is central to helping stop the virals and helping the human race get back on its feet from this major set back and mass killing of most of the human race in America (we are unsure if the virus has spread worldwide).

This book gripped me. It was a little slow to begin with but as I read further I was in it for the long run. I just wanted to know what would happen and how.

The end leaves you wanting more which is great because there is a sequel.

There is nothing more I enjoy from a book which brings you into the loves of the characters. I could see the characters and the landscapes. Justin Cronin is an incredible story teller and knows exactly what the reader wants from a book.

As usual this book is a great read and highly recommended. Click here to be pulled into this amazing trilogy!

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